3D Motion Swing Analysis

2 Hour Motion Swing Analysis with
CPGA Professional

Just $125
(reg $250)

3D Golf provides you with a two hour comprehensive swing evaluation referred to as “Golf’s Ultimate Learning Experience.”  Utilizing the revolutionary advancements in motion capture technology that’s used in films like Lord of the Rings and Batman, they use six separate high speed (180 fps) synchronized cameras to capture every aspect (to be read ‘flaw‘) of your swing.

How it works

The first thing you’ll do upon arriving at the 3D Golf  Performance Center is hit some balls in our indoor simulator to loosen up.  A CPGA professional will observe your swing. After you feel adequately warmed up, you’ll have a discussion about the current state of your game.

Once that’s complete, you’ll put on the sensor suit which contains over 26 reflective markers that are strategically located on your body and clubs. With the sensor suit on, you’ll provide your height, waist and shoe size to create your three dimensional avatar.

Next you swing some clubs to capture your swing data and evaluate the output. Six separate high speed synchronized cameras capture the motion of the reflectors and instantaneously produce a three dimensional image of the you.

This 3D image can be viewed in motion from any angle (from above, below, front, back, either side and transparent) and is used to demonstrate what your swing is doing dynamically. The image can easily be manipulated to provide valuable feedback for you to better understand your swing characteristics. Additional data is collected from a specialized launch monitor which is integrated in the motion capture data.

From this data a customized player development program to build a powerful repeatable golf swing is created.  The information is stored for future reference and you receive a take home CD for your to review and retention.