Frequently Asked Questions

Do Custom Fit Clubs really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your ball flight can be dramatically improved by using a club that has been designed for your individual swing. Your swing may not only be the reason why the ball is hit off target, the club can also be at fault.  We eliminate that possibility.

How long does the fitting session last?

Approximately 2 hours.  This incorporates the swing / fitting analysis in the lab, the recommendations of the specific clubs for you, and the validation out on our grass driving range.

What is the overall cost of the fitting and price of the clubs?

The cost of the fitting is determined individually by each facility, it is generally in the $400 range. This fee includes all customization other than exotic shafts.  We do have various promotions and discounts from time to time in our locations which can be applied against the fitting fee.  You should check the location for the most up-to-date promotions.  Our clubs are priced at extremely competitive prices, matching the lowest prices available at authorized TaylorMade retailers, including the discount stores and internet.

Do you offer trade-ins?

We do offer trade-ins.  We use an independent company for the pricing of your trade-ins, and offset the trade-in price against the price of your new clubs.

How long does it take for the clubs to arrive and how are they shipped?

Your new clubs will be built and shipped from TaylorMade headquarters within 48 hours, subject to availability.  The clubs are shipped through UPS , and will arrive at your designated shipping address shortly thereafter.  We do offer a 24 hour turn around for an additional fee.

Can you really be custom fitted for a putter?

Yes, the putter is the club in your bag that you play the most shots with in a round, so it’s extremely important that the putter is tuned for your stroke.  Everything from the length, lie, loft, head weight position, and insert will make a difference on how the ball will roll once it’s been struck.

What happens if my swing changes, will the custom fitted clubs become incorrect for me?

If you change your swing, we can usually alter the clubs to accommodate your new swing tendencies.

Do we have a wide range of clubs to demo?

We have all the latest clubs for you to demo, both in right and left handed, and in men’s and women’s models.  We also have a large assortment of custom shafts to demo as well.

Should I come for a fitting if I’m not playing so well?

Yes of course. You hit more bad shots than good shots in a round of golf, so if we can improve your miss hits, you will improve as an overall golfer.

What if I have just bought some TaylorMade clubs, can you check to see if they are correct and can they be adjusted?

Yes, we will check if the clubs you have just bought are correct for you, and see what adjustments need to be made.  The cost for this will be the fitting fee plus the cost for the alterations.  Many alterations are done at no additional charge.

What happens if the clubs I was fit for do not work as well when I’m playing on the course?

We want you to have the right equipment in your bag.  If you feel the clubs that we fitted for you aren’t what you expected, we will do everyting in our power to resolve the situation to your full satisfaction.

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