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Practicing with only ball flight can be very frustrating especially when you cant figure out what your doing wrong. Using our 3D tracking technology with video analysis along with a wide assortment of training aids helps to make your practice time more effective. Most golfers have a difficult time building their new habits without the continuous reinforcement from our unique learning & practice centre. Each practice session allows you to stay in the process and reinforce the same swing adjustments your making with your instructor.


A critical component of effective practice is immediate accurate feedback, helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We present the information you rely on in a concise and easily understood manor. The Scoring Zone allows you to customize your targeted practice area to get consistent distance and accuracy for any particular shots.


In the end the golfer must learn their new habits and their practice time is a critical time to learn. Swing Analysis Technology is giving coaches and players the tools to identify flaws and make corrections like never before! It’s like having your own coach!


Validating your game improvement on course is the final step to measuring your success. However pilots practice flying 1000 hours in a simulator before they do real thing. The ability to execute your practice habits while playing a few holes at your favorite course (Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Torrey Pines etc) is some of the most important training for your confidence. The next time you step onto the course you’ll be prepared to play in the subconscious and enjoy long term success!

Hourly Rate

30 Min – $25

1 Hour – $40

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