Better Course Management, Conservative Target, Aggressive Swing

Conservative Target – Aggressive Swing

Playing golf within your skill set is the key to scoring better and having FUN while you do it! Everyone can learn to choose the most conservative target so that you can make the most aggressive swing. This type of course strategy is personalized and allows you to follow a game plan.

If you’re playing a dog leg that doesn’t fit your natural ball flight and a less than perfect driver would bring too much risk look at playing a distance that has a more conservative target area with less risk. This may mean using a fairway metal or even Hybrid from the tee and leave you a longer approach shot but avoid high scores from hazards or OB penalties.

Using the same strategy I like to label the various flag locations as red-light, yellow-light or green-light. If the flag-stick is on the left side of the green and it almost looks like it’s in the water that is a definite red-light flag-stick, you don’t go for it. A conservative aim is to play out to the right, and even a less than ideal shot increases the chances of getting a good score. I think that it will help you shoot better scores and manage your emotions and your game on the golf course.

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