Controlling your emotions

Well I just finished my first (and only) major 2 day tournament of the year. Gone are the days when I relished the competition against my peers. I guess playing recreational golf once or twice a week doesn’t provide the same environment that I’m subject to when competing at my highest level.  Anyway I was relatively happy with the result but most of the issues started and finished with the lack of ability to control my emotions. As an old Pro would say, “you’re going to be nervous simply because you care. But the key is to embrace the emotions and learn to steer the butterflies in the right direction”. Easier said than done and when you’re not in the competitive environment very often channelling the negative ‘what if’ thoughts is a lot more challenging!
At the end of the day all the golf course does is lay there waiting for you to express yourself all over it. It doesn’t care if you are, nervous, sad, angry, excited or even confident; all the golf course will do is represent and mirror your thinking and your physical ability on that particular day.
In an ideal World you would flat line your feelings in order to align to the golf course. Clear thinking, and body control can only happen when a ‘calmness’ ensues allowing your very best efforts to come out.  However, an ideal World rarely exists does it? I have two solutions for you that could match your personality.

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