Putting can improve your score quicker than any other part of the game!

I noticed that a player in about 50th position on the US PGA Tour will average just fewer than 71 strokes per round. Also a player in about 50th position for putts per round will average just fewer than 29 putts.

Thus over 40% of Mr. 50th position’s score is made up of putts.

This made me think about my own game and others…

Somewhere around the 40-45% range is probably where most people fall when it comes to calculating the total number of putts as a percentage of their score.

Either way putting is a large element of the game and one that is so easily forgotten in the mega hyped world of how far one can hit one driver against another!

It can be argued that the most important club in your bag is the putter. I find it amazing that people will pay $400-$500 for a driver but scimp on the putter yet they play 20% of their shots with the driver and 40% with the putter!

Now you may disagree….

… Mr. Hogan certainly did!

Ben Hogan loved to play his practice rounds without putting. He would give himself points for fairways and greens and then, pick up his ball and go to the next tee.

Mr. Hogan’s reasoning was – any novice could make a six foot putt, but it took a great player to consistently hit quality iron shots into birdie range.

He believed there was way too much emphasis placed on putting, and never respected golf professionals who made their living by holing putts from everywhere.

In fact, he once told Billy Casper, that if he couldn’t putt, he’d be selling hot dogs for a living. I’m sure it was after one of Casper’s legendary putting days where he may have nipped Hogan by a stroke or two.

Putting is truly the great equalizer.

This should give hope to everyone out there aspiring to be a great golfer. Putting is the one part of the game that every golfer can do extremely well.

It takes no superior athletic ability to make a ten foot putt or lag a forty foot snake to tap-in distance.

Even with your golf swing performing at its peak, you may not possess the ability to hit a 235 yard two iron or boom a drive 320 yards over a dogleg, but everyone possesses the ability to be a good or great putter.

If you can’t reach a par five in two- it shouldn’t matter.

A nice wedge shot and a solid putt is all you need to ensure a birdie. Let the putter be your equalizer.

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