Control your wrist condition to give the swing structure!

To incorporate this position into your swing motion practice the takeaway drill first. Gripping an 8 iron merely push the heel of the right hand OUT AGAINST the back of the left thumb. This is an outward pressure of the heel on the thumb. When it is done, without moving the hands otherwise, the right wrist bends backward and the left hand TURNS inward and cocks with the knuckles of the left hand going under and facing toward the ground. Here is what you should see when you trigger the takeaway with the right wrist bend – only one knuckle of the left hand but two knuckles of the right.


Note the flat left wrist and the shaft in line with the forearm. This movement eventually becomes similar to your waggle – the preliminary motion to ready your hands for the swing away.

Remember we are still working on the mechanics of the proper wrist bend to develop the shaft and clubface alignments.

As an drill try holding it a few of seconds at the takeaway position, and then let your right heel (palm) push the left arm to the top of the back swing maintaining the right wrist bend. If you manage to maintain the right wrist bend everything else will correctly move and react as a consequence.


This two-piece action drill is invaluable for developing the control of the club face alignments to the ‘top of backswing’ and maintaining the structure for the shaft.

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