Educated Hands

For many of you that watch the PGA tour golf you’ll notice that there are some very different swings that produce professional impact and results. Ricky Fowler has one of those unorthodox swings that require some extra (radical) motion in the behavior of his hands to transition the golf club back onto the correct plane angle necessary for professional impact. This motion can be useful when applied as a training drill to help students needing a positive opposite feel to their current motion.

The goal to the drill is to keep the club head in front of the hands during the back swing and feel the club head fall behind the hands in the down swing. This can be achieved through the use of the pressure points. Using #1 PP the heal pad of the lead hand you’ll push down on the top of the grip well using #4 PP (back of the lead arm connected to side of chest) to turn the body around the spine. This allows the golfer to create some radical hand behavior to feel the club head lag behind the hands and engage pressure points #2 and #3.Developing lag pressure is one of our imperatives to achieving professional impact.

Anytime you’re making adjustments to your swing we suggest that you ‘throw caution to the wind’ and exaggerate to appreciate the change. Understanding the mechanics is first and vital to the process but feeling the mechanics is paramount to owning the adjustments and practicing effectively to eventually make them comfortable. The Fowler drill is simply an action that educates the hands to feel the pressure points to develop lag pressure through impact.

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