Effortless Power – Shoulder Throw Trigger

THE LEFT SHOULDER is the center of the left arm and club swing. The motion, caused by the relationship between the left shoulder, left arm, shaft and club head, forms a circle. The left shoulder is the center of this circle. The left arm and the club form the radius of this circle. The club head moves along the arc of this circle and the golf ball rest on the arc of this circle.

The left arm is caused to remain straight by the outward and upward pressure of the right heel pad against the left thumb. This relationship of the right hand and left thumb is called EXTENSOR ACTION. This extensor action joins the hands together and allows the two arms to work together in front of the body. As long as this outward pressure against the thumb is maintained the left arm will remain extended and will be tension free from address to the top of the backswing, returning to impact.

The left arm is caused to be straight by the extensor action, from start up, to the top of the backswing and transition to start down. During the downswing – when the left arm reaches a position parallel to the ground, it will be pointing down the INTIAL FLIGHT LINE of the ball. If it is pointing right, the ball will start right. If it is pointing left, the ball will start to the left.

THE FOURTH PRESSURE POINT is the contact point of the left arm against the chest. The greater the contact pressure of the left arm is maintained against the chest, the greater amount of body rotation that can be utilized by the arms swing; the greater the power transfer from the body rotation through the arms into the club head.

The left arm creates an angle with the left shoulder during the backswing and at some point during the downswing we throw the angle back into line at impact. This incorporates the whole body radius to give you twice the power.

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