Eliminate the Yips and Hit with Power!

The ability to generate dynamic loft is one of the skills that defines an elite player. In today’s video, John breaks down the fundamentals of this concept, explaining how transporting the right shoulder forward will lead to professional impact.

Probably the most necessary skill to play decent golf is to hit the ball solid and understanding what part of the ball to hit will determine a great deal of your success.

Whether you’re using a putter, wedge or your driver the correct part of the ball to hit is the equator (center). If you hit the equator with the fourth groove the primary force will push the ball forward and the dynamic loft of the club face will apply backspin to lift the ball. I say dynamic because during the correct impact conditions the club face becomes de-lofted.

The only way to hit the equator with the forth groove of an iron, particularly your more lofted irons is to have your hands ahead of the club head at impact  – shaft lean – another common trait of good players.



The left clubface pictured below shows the standard face angle of 8-iron

Post impact shows how the clubface angle becomes de-lofted and the divot occurs after the hit.




The DIVOT is one of the most misunderstood and overlooked concepts of golf! With all iron shots the leading edge of your club head will hit the ground after the ball causing the divot.  It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of turf as long as the hit is down and through with the lowest part of the arc on the target side of the ball. Based on this happening you’ll make some contact with the turf.

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