ELIMINATE YOUR BIG MISSES….by understanding The Facts behind the Feel!

Most tour players suggest they may hit 2-4 perfect shots in a round of golf. Therefore they must play with a majority of good misses and eliminate any of the BIG misses. Conversely the club golfer tends to fights the big misses and it maybe just a matter of understanding the proper path and face conditions.

 The fact that we stand to the side of the ball and swing the golf club on an incline plane (back and upward) in the shape of an arc.  At the same time the club face rotates (open) and rotates (closed) during the down and through swing.

Therefore attempting #6 (straight shots) are rather difficult to create consistently – particularly with a driver.  When attempting the straight shot it’s more likely the ball flight will turn off in either direction producing a fade-slice and a draw–hook but worse without consistency. 

Definitions Of The Shot Patterns



In the following video John explains with the support of technology how to identified the facts behind the ball flight laws and how the tour player uses the golf club to produce the most repeatable, powerful, golf shots albeit a miss! 


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