Flat Left Wrist…

Controlling the clubface is done with a flat left wrist. If it bends or arches you change the angle up to 45 degrees open or closed. If we can move through impact with a flat left wrist we can judge the constant rate of face rotation through the ball. This also provided additional power and trajectory control.

Try working through the following series of drills starting with a basic (chipping) motion work on applying more left thumb pressure down on top of the shaft through impact. You should notice more of a flat or arch in the left wrist as pictured below.

Wk 4 img 1

Wk 4 img 2

Adding more angles (wrist hinge) and turn in the backswing we use a full roll to knuckles down follow through position. The left wrist remains vertical to the ground, is FLAT with the forearm and club shaft and SQUARE to the radius of the circle.

Wk 4 img 3

Finally work to a twist away finish with the back of the left hand facing the target. At this point you maintain all 4 pressure points and a flat left and bent right wrist condition.

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