Follow through through position

Follow1 It is the rocking up of your left shoulder not the turning of your left shoulder that allows your right hand to reach and hit deep through the ball. When you run out of right arm to extend in the follow through, the momentum of your hands, arms and club pulling against your right shoulder, will pull your head and body up and forward well after impact. The left wrist remains vertical to the ground, is FLAT with the forearm and club shaft and SQUARE to the radius of the left shoulder circle. 

This hinging motion allows for the club head to travel on the natural rotation of the arc of this circle.

NOTE: Knuckles down to promote bigger draw spin

Follow2 It is interesting to note that seemingly correcting what you do just after you have struck the ball is the key to striking the ball well. Try making practice swings where you maintain the “thumbs down” attitude well into follow through and thus maintain full extension of both arms and the club shaft in line with the left arm for much of the follow through.





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