How to Develop Lag Pressure

Wk 3 img 1 Lag pressure ….controlling the club head is done maintaining pressure on the shaft through the hit is an essential to good golf. The greater the pressure the greater the speed – the greater the angles the greater the speed if you lose this pressure you will have club head throw away and lose your power before the hit. 
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The easiest way to practice and learn how to maintain the 4 key pressure points is through the proper wrist conditions. Start with feel the left heel pad pp #1. #4 is the back of the left arm connection to the side of the chest. 

Pressure point #2 is the palm (heel pad) of the right hand. Its positioned behind the shaft and an extension of the forearm. #3 is the base knuckle of the fore finger this sits on the back of the shaft and the sweet spot.

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During the back swing the left heel pad pushes down on top of the shaft. This creates a vertical hinging motion and maintains the #1 alignment between the left hinge pin and the leading edge of the club head.

Pressure point  #2 is the palm (heel pad) of the right hand and is responsible for pushing the  arms up and maintaining extension. The elbows align and pinch in and down towards the hips through the #1 and #2 pressure points in the grip. This also connects the upper arms to the body and creates the link to cock the shoulders and center balance the pivot. 

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The transition to Stop the back swing and start the downswing is controlled with pp #2 and as the hands start down the mass of the club head falls back into the base knuckle pp#3. This action bends the right wrist to its max and creates lag pressure.

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As we bring all these angles back into line to release the power through IMPACT we maintain pressure on the back of the shaft pp #2 & #3 also under and on top using #1 which helps form a flat to arched left wrist to follow through position.

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