How to Use the Golf Club Effectively

The common golfer needs to have a complete understanding on how the golf club was designed to be used most effectively and believe me when I say it’s not obvious. The golf club looks very different from how it was designed to be used. 

There are two constants that all good players do with their golf club at impact.

How1 1. The club face at impact is de-lofted up to eight degrees. (pic left)This means the shaft has leaned forward toward the target eight degrees from its starting point. In doing this the face angle flattens and makes more contact with the center of the ball thus creating greater forward compression.

2. The golf club is made up of two main parts – let’s call them levers – the shaft and head. All good players know how to use these levers as mechanical advantages.

The shaft is the carrier or the first lever and you must understand the tip of the shaft travels faster than the butt (grip) end. If you think of casting a fishing line your hands (butt end) could never move as fast as the tip end of the fishing pole. In the golf swing the same concept is applied through the correct use of the hands. 

The second lever is the club head and allowing it (toe) to rotate around the shaft (heel) through impact at a rate of about 2.5 degrees for every inch of movement.  That’s approximately thirty degrees of rotation in a twelve inch movement through the hitting zone.



In the picture above take notice of how the hands and arms have rotated approximately 180 degrees from delivery (far left) to post impact (far right).

Here again is where logic can lead you off track. Common sense would say that if I keep the face staring at the target longer I’ll hit the ball straighter – so why would I want to rotate it? But if you knew that every good player rotates the face to hit it longer and straighter you might want to try it.

We call this the ‘home run’ release because of its unmistakable power with little effort. Conversely, the average golfer will struggle with the ‘check’ or ‘bunt’ swing release. These may be useful for chipping or high lob shots but for the remainder of your full shots the ‘home run’ release in necessary.

Training steps:

  1. Left arm only swing into the impact bag
  2. Right arm only swing into the impact bag
  3. Both arms swinging freely and release the club head toe into the impact bag

Both arms swinging freely and release to knuckles down full extension

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