Improve Your Golf Game in 2014 with today’s technology

What better way to start out a new year than with a look at the No. 1 bottom line in golf: Control the BALL! Striking the ball with the proper clubface and path alignments is essential for good golf. In today’s video, John explains the most efficient path to good golf. Using Swing analysis technology to give you instant feedback and help improve your ability to strike with consistency.

Our TRU Trac technology can improve your understanding of face and path alignments and help you make adjustments as needed.  It’s giving us coaches and players the tools to identify flaws and make corrections like never before. Start practicing with purpose today.

Wk 1 Img 4

Mid back position the hands are inside the club head and working up the original plane angle. Face on above shows big shoulder turn owing to the right hip pulling back around the spine to create center balance and range of motion.

Wk 1 Img 5

Once the left arm reaches a parallel position you will see the shaft angle remains pointing at the target line. Notice the width of the arc face on.

Wk 1 Img3

The start down shows the plane angle shift causing a slightly flatter angle from the back swing. Face on shows the body has been transported forward which narrows the arc but makes the angle more acute (yellow to green line)

Wk1 Img 1.png

Practicing this somewhat radical Ricky Fowler drill we can exaggerate the full roll of the release and the right arm can reach deep down the line.

Wk1 Img 2

Controlling the curve is a positive sign that a player has control over their swing. Curving the ball a predictable amount is one of the features that separate the best players from the rest of us.

Video: Using Technology to improve your Impact alignments – Rickey fowler drill

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