Keys to a Powerful Backswing Coil


The HIPS are above the heels of each respective foot at the set up position. The right hip over the right heel, the left hip over the left heel. During the backswing the RIGHT HIP is the center of the body’s backswing motion. During the forward swing, from hands low point to the end of the follow through the LEFT HIP is the center of the body’s motion. During the backswing, the RIGHT HIP PULLS BACK and the left hip moves away from the target up to 45 degrees, around the tail bone. At this position the left hip stops its rotation. There is NO more body ROTATION during the backswing.




The Knees are flexed and positioned above the balls of each respective foot.

The LEFT KNEE starts flexed.
As the backswing starts, it is pulled slightly away from the target by the rotation of the right hip back. At the start of the downswing it moves under the left hip, above the left heel, so that it can support the transfer of weight from the right side to the left side.

The RIGHT KNEE remains in its flexed position throughout the entire backswing and remains in this position until it is pulled forward by the rotation of the right hip to its follow through position. At this position, the right knee and lower right leg are pointing down a line parallel to the target line.

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