Learning to Keep Connected to Gain Power

The Grip position

  1. Left wrist hinge pin is parallel to the leadiing edge of the face
  2. The first knuckle of the trailing forefinger is directly behind the sweet spot

The Start position

  1. The club shaft points to the centre of the hips (belt buckle) to help promote coordination between the body and arms
  2. The elbows align down towards the hips through the pressure points in the grip and also connects the upper arms to the body
  3. The farward/tilt alignment of the spine to the ground
  4. Stance alignment needs to be parallel to the target line includes clubface, feet, knees, hips and shoulders

The Back swing position

  1. The arms relationship to the body need to remain throughout the swing
  2. The knee alignment creates stability

The Start down

  1. The alignment of the shaft to the left wrist during start down to provide the correct delivery line with power, control and balance.

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