Rory’s two key words

Throughout all 18 holes of Rory’s victorious final round of The Open Championship, there were 2 “Trigger words” he used repeatedly to make sure his focus was on the things that were going to enable him to finish the job and become The Open Champion for the first time.

 “It was ‘process’ and ‘spot.’ That was it.” Mcllroy said

 When you play golf, you need to be focused on “The Process” not the results. This means that instead of focusing on the outcome of shots and what it means for your score, your focus is always on the steps you need to best-prepare and execute the shot at hand. For example the pre-shot routine and waggle can create a trigger that activates the swing and put you in the subconscious.

‘Spot’ referred to simply rolling the golf ball over a spot on his line to the hole.

The golf swing takes less than a second and a half start to finish. If your conscious mind attempts to control your swing with all sorts of mental commands — turn this, shift that — the only consistent result will be the buildup of excess tension. How could it be otherwise? There’s simply no time for the body to process and respond to a bunch of conscious commands.

That’s why good players prepare their conscious minds for giving up control to their subconscious with task-relevant cues. By that I mean “triggers” that activate a sequence of movements that have, through repetition, become virtually second nature.

But the subconscious can only control learned skills. If you haven’t acquired those skills then no mental cue in the world is going to be effective.  So you need to acquire those skills in practice. So When it’s time to work on your game, having some goals in mind and some drills on how to get you there is critical to success.

In today’s video, John explains that it’s all about engaging your mind through drills to improve yourself as a golfer.

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