Start the down swing properly for Professional Impact

In your third video you’ll learn how to How to transition and start down to create professional impact and enjoy the unmistakable feel of solid contact with the ball. A few simple understandings along with some drills will really help your ball-striking and take your game to the next level.

Step 3-4 Pic

The transition to Stop the back swing and start the downswing is controlled with pp #2 and the tail bone pp#6. At the completion of the backswing the torque causes the spine to be straightening and center balancing the body pivot occurs. At this point the tailbone continues to push towards the target and create positive axis tilt to the spine. The hands start down and the mass of the club head falls back into the base knuckle pp#3. This action bends the right wrist to its max and creates lag pressure.

  • Pressure point #6¬† the tail bone
  • #2 pressure point¬† karate chop
  • The alignment of the shaft to the left wrist during start down to provide the correct delivery line with power, control and balance

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