Stop Slicing Now – Intro


Welcome to the Anti-Slice swing RE-SHAPING system, we have condensed hundreds of pages of complicated text so you would get to experience the thrill of a swing that produces a repeatable, powerful draw in the quickest possible time.

The statistics clearly show that over 90% of golfers fight the slice. Statistics also have proven how much further a draw goes than a fade. Based on the stats a draw produces
15-30 yards more on the average. This is very conservative and here’s why. The machine that did these tests obviously had no emotion attached in the change of ball flight whereas you on the other hand will have a great feeling of repeatable power when you start seeing the ball fly with draw spin.

This of course will dramatically improve your confidence and with more confidence your swing will be more consistent and aggressive. This newly found confidence may only result in an increase in swing speed of say 5 mph but that would send the ball another 10-20 yards further easily and add distance to that increase from the draw flight.

Before you get too excited about this extra length you must realize that it’s only going to happen if you put into action what we recommend you do each lesson and practice for 30 min 3 times/week.

Unlike what others may have you believe hitting a draw is not that hard or complicated but it’s like anything, if you don’t know how to do something or have never been shown then of course it’s difficult. We hear and read so much about the top tour players and what it is they are doing in their swings and it has little or nothing to do with what the average player should focus on.

Here are the three most common characteristics of a slice spinner:

Since golf is not a ‘how to’ game instruction methods must be customized to the individual and relative to what they’re doing. The theory of cause and effect is an integral part of our ball flight error correction technique used to first identify and then fix the flaws in the golf swing. By focusing on ball flight characteristics first, rather than perfecting swing mechanics, you may avoid awkward and long-term adjustments and help develop a consistent swing that’s easy to repeat. To accomplish this we have developed the reshaping system, perfect antidotes for the weekend warrior.

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