Stop Slicing Now – The Alignments


You’re setup for a slice if…

  • Everything is aimed left i.e. shoulders, hips, knees, feet and even the clubface.
  • The ball is positioned too far forward in the stance (toward the target foot).
  • The spine is tilted towards the target and the weight is too much on the target foot.
  • The grip is generally rotated too much to the left(toward the target) in a weak position.

This leads to a poor … Swing Plane
Your setup encourages a swing shape that is too much up and down and not enough around causing an open clubface throughout the swing. This swing shape causes a steep approach leading to an out-to-in swing path across the ball.

Which causes an… Open Clubface
The steep approach doesn’t allow the clubface to naturally rotate back to square through
impact. This crosscutting motion when the clubface is pointing in a different direction (RIGHT) than the club head is traveling results in the dreaded slice.

Also your equipment may have a negative effect on your swing shape. The equipment you are currently using could very well be contributing to your slicing problem and as you go through this system we are going to explain exactly how, then what to do about it.

So now that we have analyzed your ball flight patterns and diagnosed the common faults leading to your slice, what are we going to do about it? Well here’s the plan.


First of all, we are going to encourage you to hook the ball. Yes, learning to hook spin is a positive opposite and will help you understand and appreciate the adjustments necessary to eventually find the middle ground. It’s the old adage ‘go the mile to get the inch’ so teaching you to exaggerate the changes will provide you with long-term results.

Your swing shape is largely a result of your setup positions, so in order to get you out of your slice swing in the quickest possible time you need to do the exact opposite starting with your grip and setup.

The anti-slice set-up is designed to train the adjustments without thinking your way through each new change. By positioning yourself better at address it allows the gradual re-shaping of your swing to happen more naturally.

We will also give you some personal exercises and drills during the lessons that will likely feel uncomfortable to start, however to get out of your slicing habits you will need to make changes that feel uncomfortable until you form new habits. Any new skill or technique you’ve learned at first, feels uncomfortable before it becomes second nature.

Throughout your plan, please exaggerate, throw caution to the wind and forget about the friendly tips you received that brought you nothing more than superficial results. So for awhile focus on getting out of your comfort zone so you can develop some new positive long lasting habits!


  • Strong grip formation (3 knuckles) but sensitive secure pressure
  • Slightly closed alignment / ball position back


  • The club shaft points to the centre of the hips (belt buckle) to help
  • promote coordination between the body and arms
  • The elbows align down towards the hips through the pressure points in
  • the grip and also connects the upper arms to the body
  • The forward/tilt alignment of the spine to the ground
  • Stance alignment needs to be CLOSED to the target line includes
  • clubface, feet, knees, hips and shoulders

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