The Clock face or 3 X 4 technique to better distance control on your approach shots for lower scores

This technique can take a little time to perfect but it’s incredibly reliable in all situations and also should help your actual scoring.
Basically treat your hands like the hands of a clock face so when you produce a swing with the left hand to 7:30 it’s at 45 degrees to the ground and 45 degrees to the parallel. If you swing to 9:00 your left hand is parallel to the ground and finally to 10:30 where your hand is at 45 degrees above parallel.
You then apply these three different swings lengths using four different wedges (or however many you have). The system requires a little dedication to calculate your distances but what you end up with are 12 different distances that you can reliably replicate under pressure.
The best way to calibrate is using a ball tracking monitor. Then by hitting approximately ten balls with each wedge take your average each distance (both carry and total). You mark these distances down and then repeat again over a period of a week. Ideally you’d also have motion capture to view and identify and validate the swing lengths.
You must practice until you’re comfortable with it since you need to be able to rely on these approach shots in the most uncomfortable situations. It’s comforting to know that you have 75 yards to the pin and can simply dial in a 9:00 56 degree wedge or have the option of hitting a 52 degree from 7:30 or a full 10:30 60 degree wedge.  This can create a wonderful repertoire of shots inside 100 yards and can make an difference in your scoring.

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