The club head is the source of control

One of the key essentials for any golfer is developing awareness to the golf club and what it is doing.  I want you to understand how important the club heads movement is to a successfully repeating golf swing.

From a proper set-up the correct routing of the golf club initiates the chain reaction of events.  The club’s momentum drives the body pivot and the weight shift.  When the club reaches the peak of the back swing the transition will cause the body to move, react and SUPPORT the swinging force of the club.

An important message here for the weekend warrior is to play the game based more on feel and sensitivity of the club head rather than on mechanics.  Mechanics are appropriate for learning and training but playing the game with a series of conscious commands will fracture the feel for the golf club – feeling the club head is truly the heartbeat of the swing.

In the following video John explains how to apply this awareness during the short game.  Once you spend time learning how to use the golf club properly for short shots add some length and speed; building awareness to the club head is what your entire swing is structured around.

Training steps:

  1. How the club face sits in your hands (neutral grip)
  2. Develop a sensitivity to the sweet spot (lag pressure)
  3. The Alignment of the club shaft to the left arm (flat lead wrist)

The Alignment of the first knuckle on the trailing forefinger  to the sweet spot (bent trail wrist)

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