Improper use of hands in golf is what is causing the game to be so ‘difficult’. Golfers are trying to fix everything under the sun, but the real cause – the use of their hands – is rarely in question. Like in most sports, the feeling of motion originates from your hands. Your body naturally adjusts to support and align with the action of your hands. You hit with your hands.

A golfer’s educated hands are what direct their golf club and body in the golf swing. The club head is something the hands use to hit the ball with and the body is something that aligns with and supports the action of the hands. This is true in tennis, hockey, and baseball… it is also true in golf and is the key to playing good golf!

Try this flat footed drill to help emphasize the speed and clubface control from the full roll release….!

Your body should remain as stable and as ‘quiet’ as possible. Your body may appear to move first, but it is a result of first trying to hit with your hands. The whole idea is not to allow the body to react independent of the movement of your hands, but support that movement naturally and work in harmony with it.

By looking at other sports involving your hands, you can better understand the central role they play in creating the motion. Table tennis, Hockey, Baseball, your hands are the source of motion. They all involve a certain amount of body motion, but it’s still the hands that are the source of all the motion. Take the source of motion away from the hands is generally disastrous to the golfer.

When hitting the ball your hands are the source of the motion and your body works in support of this motion giving it a wholeness of power and stability.

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