The inside-out path – ‘ANTICIPATED MOMENT OF IMPACT’

Anticipate1 At this point in the swing intention is always superior to mechanics and you need to “intend” to hit (compress) that ball.
Deliberate Hit (A to B) – You are not trying to make any conscious effort to turn your hips, shift your weight or any other action. You are just hitting that ball. Hitting the ball is a very deliberate action that when viewed in slow motion would reveal an efficient golf swing with lots of things to analyze on the way down.
A) The top of the swing
B) The ball (impact)
Take the club head back and just hit that ball. Throw the club head directly into the back of it. A to B.



DIRECTION OF THE HIT…Golfers must understand the difference between the target line and the delivery line.  The target line (6pm-12pm) is the intended line for the ball to go. But because the golf club is built on an angle, referred to as an incline plane, one can appreciate and anticipate the delivery path. (7pm-1pm)

Anticipate3 Delivery Line vs. Target Line So wherever your eyes are looking, your hands and the club head will want to go. If your eyes are looking at the back of the ball at address, then you are probably trying to square the clubface to the back of the ball at impact. Logical but wrong


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