The most common instincts that build bad habits and cause the vicious spiral…

Think Right – Swing Right … if you see things from the right perspective you’ll be able to understand it better and believe me when it comes to golf, at some point your common sense will be misleading. Differentiate the facts from the myths; clear up the misconceptions and start to follow an organized plan designed with an end goal…. CONTROL THE BALL!

Here are 3 important concepts and supporting drills to keep you on track!

1.       How to use the club effectively… The golf club is made up of two main parts – let’s call them levers – the shaft and head. All good players know how to use these levers as mechanical advantages. Try the flat-footed drill

Week 5 Img 1
2.    What part of the ball to hit…Probably one of the first and the most necessary skills to play decent golf is to understand what part of the ball to hit?Try this left foot right toe drill

Week 5 Img 2Week 5 Img 33.    The Hit instinct is the sudden urge to produce power using the physical effort as the backswing ends and the downswing starts. Try the karate chop drill to understand the role of the right arm.
Week 5 Img 4

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