The Power of Alignments

It’s vital to understand the concept of alignments and in golf it means to start with or move things into line and/or maintains the relationship between one thing and the other. These alignments help to build a CONNECTION between the club, arms and the body that provides consistency and power.

The Grip position

  • Left wrist hinge pin is parallel to the leading edge of the face
  • The first knuckle of the trailing forefinger is directly behind the sweet spot

The Start position

  • The club shaft points to the centre of the hips (belt buckle) to help promote coordination between the body and arms
  • Through the pressure points in the grip the elbows align down towards the hips and connects the upper arms to the body
  • The forward/tilt alignment of the spine to the ground
  • Stance alignment needs to be parallel to the target line includes clubface, feet, knees, hips and shoulders

The mid back position

  • Pressure points 1 & 4
  • The right hip pull back
  • The knee alignment creates stability
  • Use the ‘step in’ pivot to create more Torque and link your body to the ground
  • The shaft alignment to the hinge pin remains in line

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