The Release to follow through

When your hands reach low point and the shaft is both parallel to the target line and horizontal to the ground we bring all these angles back into line to release the power. We maintain pressure on the back of the shaft #2 & #3 also under and on top using #1which helps form a flat to arched left wrist to follow through position. It is interesting to note that seemingly correcting what you do just after you have struck the ball is the key to striking the ball well. Try making practice swings where you maintain the “thumbs down” attitude well into follow through and thus maintain full extension of both arms and the club shaft in line with the left arm for much of the follow through.

  • The Educated hands turn into the backswing and then late in the downswing release the power by making a full roll through impact
  • The left wrist angle created in the back swing will throw from right angles back into line fully un-cocked at follow through position
  • The right arm cocks during the backswing and we throw the right arm back into lined fully extended at follow through position.
  • The left arm creates an angle with the left shoulder during the backswing and at some point during the downswing we throw the angle back into line at impact. This incorporates the whole body radius to give you twice the power.

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