The Transition to Start Down

The transition is where the backswing stops and downswing begins.  This is controlled with pp #2 and the tail bone pp#6. At the completion of the backswing the torque causes the spine to be straightening and center balancing of the body pivot occurs. At this point the tailbone continues to push towards the target and creates some tilt to the spine. The hands start down and the mass of the club head falls back into the trailing base knuckle pp#3. This action bends the right wrist to its max and creates lag pressure.

The alignment of the shaft to the left wrist during start down will provide the correct delivery line with power, control and balance.

 transition1 transition2

When the left arm reaches horizontal to the ground, the club shaft will be pointing at the target line.

These alignments help to build a CONNECTION between the swinging and turning elements that provides consistency and power.

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