Transition with Power and Control!

THE RIGHT ARM at address is slightly lower than the left arm and is slightly flexed. The upper right arm is in contact with the chest and is vertical to the ground. The initial motion of the right arm is caused to be moved by the right hip pulling back. At the completion of this horizontal movement of the right hip, the left arm is inside 10-15 degrees from the target line. The shaft is horizontal to the ground and parallel to the target line. At this point all HORIZONTAL body motion away from the target stops.


All motion of the hands and arms from this position to the top of the backswing is VERTICAL. All the motion of the transition down is vertical. This vertical motion of the hands and arms to the top of the backswing is caused by the cocking of the right elbow towards the right shoulder.

This cocking of the right elbow causes the left wrist to cock and the left arm to be raised to its cocked position.

The extensor action force of the right heel pad exerted on the left thumb causes the left shoulder to be rotated around the spine to its position at the top of the backswing. This position can be 90 or more degrees away from the target.

At the top of the backswing the right forearm is vertical and the right upper arm is horizontal to the ground.

Transition3 The transition down begins by releasing the tension in the right elbow. Reaching this point in your swing it is of utmost importance to keep control of the club face and head to produce an inside out shallow angle of attack. This is accomplished when the correct wrist conditions (flat left-bent right) are maintained.The uncocking of the left wrist can start as soon as the club head transitions down or as late as when the club shaft moves past horizontal to the ground. Either way the left wrist continues to uncock until it has been fully uncocked slightly past ball separation. This uncocking of the left wrist is caused by centrifugal force.


The right arm goes from a cocked position at the top of the downswing to a fully extended straight right arm shortly after impact. The right arm then caused to fold as centrifugal force carries the club over the left shoulder.

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