Transition with power and control

The sequence of movement in your swing is essential to the ability to hit with power and play consistently.  Reaching this point in your swing it is of utmost importance to keep control of the club face and produce an on-plane down swing.  This is accomplished when the correct wrist conditions (flat left-bent right) maintain a club face angle that is constantly true to the plane (as pictured below).


The cocking of the left wrist occurs because of the cocking motion of the right elbow. The uncocking of the left wrist can start as soon as the club head transitions down or as late as when the club shaft moves past vertical to the ground during the downswing. Either way the left wrist continues to uncock until it has been fully uncocked slightly past ball separation. This uncocking of the left wrist is caused by centrifugal force.

During the entire motion of the golf swing, the flat left wrist is in line with plane of the shaft. In today’s video, John demonstrates a great drill to help incorporate natural athletic movement in the sequence of your swing.

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