Understand THE ‘SPINNING BALL’ CONCEPT to improve your ball control and power!

Since golf is not a ‘how to’ game instruction methods need to be customized to the individual and be relative to what they are doing in their swing. However, having said that statistics clearly show that over 90% of all golfers fight the dreaded slice, an uncontrollable left-to-right sidespin, for right handed players and the opposite for lefties. Statistics also show that on average a draw ball flight, a mild right-to-left spin, for right handed players, will go up to 30 yards longer than a slice. Great!
What’s interesting is the average golfer has this misconception that the golf ball can be consistently hit straight. Amazingly it’s usually this concept and approach to hitting the ball that creates the slice. In a variety of different ball games spinning the ball is a fundamental that is taught early on and understood as a significant component to the level of success you may achieve. Using spin in tennis to create the softer finesse-shots and the more powerful top spin forehand is a good example.
But it’s common for only top-level players to recognize golf as one of these spinning-ball games and the term “straight” to the advanced player generally will refer to a mild sidespin in either direction that falls correctly into the target area. Next time your watching the golf telecast listen for the TV announcer’s commenting on how the Pro’s work the ball ‘left-to-right’ or ‘right-to-left’, and they don’t play that way because it’s more difficult.
Advanced players and professionals prefer to play shots with some sidespin not because they can, but because of their understanding of the swing. The fact is the circular shape of the swing will naturally impart side spin and is not only a learned skill for the experts, but also a key fundamental. Failure to realize this is one of the main hurdles of building a repeatable, powerful swing; conversely once you learn the application of sidespin, by design rather than accident, you will be on your way to playing better golf.
There are several reasons why understanding and using sidespin leads to better play.  Aside from having more information with which to assess your swing – in particular impact conditions – knowing how to spin the ball one way or the other introduces shot-making into your game.  Curving away from trouble, escaping from it, and flying into the fairways and greens at the best angle are all examples of sidespin at work. Your ball flight will be your best instructor and learning how to play your best golf involves understanding what your ball flight is telling you.
There are not a lot of absolutes in the game however, I’m quite confident in saying that the most efficient path to good golf is through a hook, so don’t be mislead into understanding that the ideal shot is straight. You can go from slicing to hooking to good golf, but you can’t go from slicing to good golf.   Therefore all you slice-spinners must learn a positive opposite before you experience consistent control.

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