Golfs Ultimate Learning and Training Experience


High Performance Golf Instruction

3D Golf Performance utilizes MAT (Motion Analysis Technology) technology to provide golfers with a 3 dimensional learning & training experience that far exceeds anything previously available to the public.  The 3D Golf Performance Lab experience provides detailed data for both golfer and golf club throughout the entire swing in measurements down to a tenth of a degree. Our certified PGA Teaching Professionals analyzethis data to provide you an individual game improvement plan built around the specific needs of your golf swing, allowing you to hit the ball longer and straighter with better control.

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High Performance Training

 Come find out how Tour Players learn and train their swings at 3D Golf Performance Lab. Here you will have access to the most technologically advanced learning experience in golf – one that had been previously reserved exclusively for Tour players.By giving golfers of all ages and abilities the chance to take part in state-of-the-art swing analysis, offers the individual golfer a deeper understanding of their swing and a learning experience unlike any other. The comprehensive session allows the golfer to correctly interpret the facts behind the feel and then practice more effectively.

Practice with Purpose

A practice centre that displays 3D ball flight data and club face and path alignments to understand not only WHAT the ball did, but also WHAT caused it. This immediate accurate feedback will reinforce the CORRECT swing habits to accelerate learning.


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