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Over 25 years teaching experience in one online teaching system!

Be Your Own Coach
Get Expert Advice!

Take it to the range to practice video drills or take online lesson!

Streaming videos can be  viewed on android, iphone, ipad, ipod!

Only $19.95 USD

THE MODERN GOLF SWING is much more than swing mechanics alone; it’s the step by step system that teaches you the basis for an orthodox golf swing. Once you’ve learned these skills you will play golf in the subconscious rather than sending conscious commands to do this, turn that, shift this….!

This online system will teach the individual golfer the IDEAL positions in the correct order so you can attempt to build the most REPEATABLE swing or use some lesser variation to fix whatever is flawed in your present swing motion. It’s supported with a complete video library of drills, key concepts and knowledge that will help you to…

  1. Build your NEW swing step by step and or
  2. Understand why your current swing is flawed and how to fix it and….

Most importantly you’ll have the knowledge of how you accomplished it!